Roan Mountain Music Hall

Karaoke W/Jessi Hawkins


November 1st

Join us for the best Karaoke in the area lead by Jessi Hawkins.  November 1st will be Halloween Karaoke.  Costume contest etc.

Hearts Gone South Live!


November 9th

  Hearts Gone South plays true, solid original country and honky tonk. Born out of an unfortunate tale of love gone wrong and ending in a stack of classic country- style hits. Hailing out of Asheville, Nc Hearts Gone South shoots straight from the hip and hits their target dead on. Hearts Gone South cranks out tear soaked ballads, heartfelt dance tunes and straight up solid country gold. 

Michael Cody Live!


November 16th

Singer Songwriter professor at ETSU.  A voice you won't forget! 

Dimestore Cowboys Live!


November 23rd

 "It seems that country music has evolved into more of a modern pop style sound and has lost its roots. Our goal is to play country music as it was intended to be played by the pioneers of old. Not really trying to start a new revolution, just trying to showcase the art of true country music. When given a chance to play." 

Tennessee Champagne Live!


November 30th

Tennessee Champagne is a band from Elizabethon, TN, in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. The group set out to craft an earnest and energetic sound, with a lot of character. Their musical vocabulary is extensive and diverse, borrowing from the deep tradition of great American music. From folk and blues to outlaw country and rock, anything goes! 

The Green Rumours Live!


December 7th

The Green Rumours are a sultry indie folk duo comprised of Jason Wilson and Jen Fields. Founding members of the Appalachian Alternative band, Jackdaw's 7, the two decided to begin an acoustic singer/songwriter project together, and The Green Rumours were born. Vastly different in their musical backgrounds (Wilson has a punk rock background, and Fields is a musical theatre aficionado), the duo has a surprising connectivity both in songwriting and stage performance. They meet on a plane outside of their collective background to create a uniquely alluring sound, and their voices blend in an almost ethereal blues-tinged harmony. Both Wilson and Fields have a strong affinity for words, an affection that shines in the crafting of the lyrics of their original songs. They have the ability to make universal themes such as losing a loved one, or missing the innocence of childhood feel intensely personal.