Roan Mountain Music Hall

Krazy Karaoke with Jessie Hawkins!


June 21st

This is becoming the event of the month!  Krazy Karaoke with Jessie Hawkins. Come sing your favorite song.  

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Tennessee Champagne Live!


June 29th

Forged in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee,  Tennessee Champagne has a sound that has been shaped and molded by generations of rock, country, blues, and old time music. They   have a special grit in their tones and lyrics that are no where to be found in modern music. The members of the band have toured, recorded, and created in groups all over the country. Tennessee Champagne provides an experience that can move you, make you feel something. Tennessee Champagne’s lyrics are about real life. We would love to be a part of your life. 

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Rick Savasten Band Live!


July 13th

acoustic rock, jazz rock, folk rock.
Band Members
: Ricky Savasten & Digi Tech & Kramer
I'm a songwriter / guitar playing singer. Performing solo acoustic original and select covers. come check out a show ! Oh yea, and I have only one leg,

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Big Son Live!


July 27th

BIG Son is an eclectic Mountain Soul band featuring Jared Bentley, Mike Sams, Kevin Light, Cepheus Strachan, and Jerry Henninger. We like playing soulful music for soulful people. It’s a pretty basic recipe. 

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The Collective Live!


August 2nd

"The Collective" is a classic rock, blues , country, and r&b band from the mountains of North Carolina. We are the metamorphosis and the culmination of over 20 years of playing music here in the high country of North Carolina. 

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If Birds Could Fly Live!


August 13th

Comprised of Brittany and Andrew Carter, If Birds Could Fly bear a peaceful sound. As illustrated within their album, “Ghosts” and songs including “Skin and Bones,” a gentle touch fits Brittany’s sub-lime voice. Trust develops between their notes. When her quivering voice embraces “We Got Love,” one knows they do. A duo for the clouds, If Birds Could Fly offer wings of wondrous flight one keeper of a song and melody at a time. 

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